Carl W. Gottschalk Distinguished Lecturer of the American Physiological Society Renal Section

Rene Bindels, Ph.D. has been selected as the Carl W. Gottschalk Distinguished Lecturer of the American Physiological Society Renal Section for 2009. Dr. Bindels will deliver his lecture, “A TR(i)P through the world of renal calcium and magnesium channels” during a Plenary Lecture session at the Experimental Biology 2009 Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Bindels will be honored at the Renal Section Dinner on April 21, 2009.

Dr. Bindels has studied renal transport mechanisms throughout his career, focusing on calcium and magnesium transport systems in the kidney and small intestine. He has also explored pathologies related to mutations of several other renal transporters, such as NKCC2, NCC, and ROMK2. He has made major advances in our understanding of calcium channels and has identified the major sites of calcium uptake along the nephron. He has been a pioneer in the recognition of the new family of calcium and magnesium TRP channels. He has made significant observations on the transient receptor potential channels TRPV5, TRPV6, TRPM6, and TRPM7 in particular.

Dr. Bindels has been one of the most prolific investigators in the transporter field, with over 200 publications in just 18 years. His work has been published in outstanding journals and his studies are often cited as key advances on understanding calcium, magnesium and TRP channels. He has been a versatile investigator who has used a multiple-discipline approach, including established epithelial cell lines, tissue-specific knockout mice models, and electrophysiological and biochemical analysis of channel activity.

Dr. Bindels is also an outstanding educator, who has mentored 23 doctorates in 15 years at the Nijmegen Medical Centre. He is responsible for several physiology courses for medical and health science students and is currently Chair of Physiology. He is an elected member of the Academia Europaea.

The Gottschalk Selection Committee was composed of Pam Carmines (Chair of the Renal Section), Thomas Kleyman (Editor of American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology), Susan Mulroney (JPC representative), and David Pollock (APS Council).